I took three steps outside of my house 

After walking past the front gate 

I wondered to myself 

How I would survive the next 20 minutes without looking at my phone? 

This spiraled me into a thought process 

How is it that technology has overcome the majority of our lives?

Once upon a time, when we were all children 

We would simply enjoy each other’s company 

The thought of technology never even crossed our minds 

When I was in first grade, 

During our free time my friends and I would spend time dancing 

We felt free and connected 

Nowadays, children above the age of 7 

Spend majority of their time on their electronic devices 

During the time I was out and away from my phone

I realized it was really nice to reminisce 

And I enjoyed having these deep conversations with myself 

Before I noticed that the walk was over 

I was back at home, but I didn’t run to my phone 

I instead went to get some water 

And went back outside for another walk