Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is put on the clothing that mommy left out for me and my favorite sneakers with sparkles on them. Then I walk downstairs to mommy and daddy and sit down to eat a yummy breakfast. This morning mommy make pancakes with blueberries in them. Then it was time for daddy to take me to school. I took my pink lunchbox and pink backpack and gave mommy a kiss and said, “goodbye I love you!” and then I was on my way. Daddy turned the radio on in the car and the radio man said, “it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day out today! Try to spend some time with family outside.” Daddy looked at me and asked me if after school I wanted to go to the park with him, mommy and my sister Sarah, and of course I said yes! I love playing on the swings and going down the slide. Sometimes I get to meet really cute puppies and their owners let me play with them. We finally got to school, and daddy said to me “have a good pumpkin I will see you later, love you”, I don’t know why he calls me pumpkin, it is kind of silly but I love it because only he calls me that. I walked into class and I said good morning to my teacher Mrs. Kim. Everyone got to their seats and took out their notebooks and pencils. Mrs. Kim asked the class, “does anyone know what day it is today?”, I raised my hand because of course I knew what today was! My birthday is in exactly one week from today. But Mrs. Kim didn’t call on me, instead she called on Sally who said that today was September 11, 2001. After that we were all told to open our notebooks and draw a picture of our family. I drew a picture of me, mommy, daddy and Sarah. We were all sitting at the park playing with a dog. I couldn’t help myself; I was so excited I couldn’t think about anything else but us going to the park later! After a little bit of time someone came in and asked if they could speak to Mrs. Kim. Mrs. Kim left the room and told us all the stay in our seats and that she will be right back. When she came back in the room she was crying. What could have that person said to have made her so sad? But I still didn’t like seeing her cry, and I know that when I am crying what always makes me feel better is a hug. I got out of my seat and went to give her a hug. She looked at me and said, “that you my love, now please go sit back in your seat.” For the rest of the day everyone was acting weird. Like something crazy happened but I didn’t know what. During free time I heard someone say something about a building and smoke. I thought maybe there was a fire, but I wasn’t so sure. I walked up to another teacher who was crying, and I said that I saw Mrs. Kim crying before and now since they are crying, I wanted to know what was going on? The teacher told me that there was something that happened in the city, but it was nothing for me to worry about. But that still didn’t stop me from wondering. What could it have been? Why were there so many people crying? What was going on? Shortly after free time, daddy walked into my classroom and told me it was time to go. He never does this; school wasn’t even over yet and he was taking me home. I asked him if he was taking me home because we were going to the park early, and he said no. I looked at his eyes and they were red and kind of big. I really started to worry. Daddy never cries. I finally asked him what was going on. He said that the building that mommy works at fell down. All the people there had to run out because it caught on fire. I was so scared, I asked him if mommy was okay. And he responded with “I don’t know pumpkin.” How can it be? This morning I woke up and everything was fine. I ate breakfast with her, I hugged her and now I don’t even know if I will ever see her again. I started to cry, and so did daddy. When we finally got home, daddy gave me a big hug and told Sarah to watch me. Sarah and I went into the house and sat on the couch. We watched tv, ate some snacks and waited for daddy to come home. So much time past. Sarah and I watched 2 movies and took a nap and daddy still wasn’t home. Then I hear the door unlock and I see daddy walk in. His shirt was all black and he was wet and dirty. I asked him where mommy was, and he looked at me and said, “Pumpkin, she’s not coming home.”