Four corners, four walls, one ceiling and two dogs. 

I thought he was going to strike; this was it, my time to go. There he was, after hearing so much negativity about him they pick me, of all dogs to be put into a room with him. Why? Were they trying to kill me? Did they think I could somehow perform a miracle and make this dog nicer? How is that even possible to do to a dog that hates everyone and everything? Then suddenly a look is shared, and the conversation begins. He began by saying his name is Cooper. I told him mine is Enzo, and he gave me a look of disgust. He told me that his past owner was named Enzo who he didn’t like so much. He said some unspeakable things that I just don’t think would be appropriate for me to repeat. I didn’t even want to talk to him, my owner just put me in the car this morning and told me we are going somewhere. I thought he was taking me to the vet because she wouldn’t tell me where; this is way worse than the vet. I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I tried to get straight to the point, I asked him why is it that he is always so resentful? He again gave me that same look of disgust, but then started to speak. He said that when he was a pup he lived in a kennel, until one day this delightful lady came and adopted him; her name was Raya. She took him home to a family of two daughters and a father. It was Christmas eve and Raya had wrapped him in a bow and placed him in a small box. He said that the girls were full of enthusiasm and excitement when holding the box, he was in. When Cooper was revealed to his new family, he felt joy and comfort. He was finally in a place that made him feel good. He said that one evening on a cold winter night, he was disturbed by the sound of glass hitting the ground. He got out of his bed and went to go see what all the commotion was about. He was startled with the sight of the father beating Raya, but it wasn’t playful. Raya looked like she was in pain, tears and blood were streaming down her face. Cooper said that she then yelled “that is it, John, I cannot have my children live here anymore under these circumstances, you are a monster and my kids deserve a better father”, Raya took the kids and left, Cooper was stuck with the beast and never saw Raya or the kids again. I stood there in shock, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Of course, it makes sense that he would be upset but why so angry? It happened so long ago; does he really want to hold a grudge for that long? Cooper said that after that night he began hating all men, dogs included. He felt that no matter what species they were all evil in their own ways. I then described to him the story of my owner, eve, and how I loved her, almost as much as he probably loved Raya. I said that one day was her last and I had also lost her forever after that. I told him that I hated the angel that took her away from me but that didn’t change how I perceived the world. I didn’t start to hate on everything, I completely understand his anger towards men because of how the father abused Raya, but not all men are bad. Cooper then began to take small footsteps toward me, I thought he wanted to come close to thank me for trying to make him feel better. And do that thing that humans do when they open their arms and put it around the other human standing, but no I was wrong. He picked up his left paw and gave me a great, big mark on my face. The spectators barged in and took me out. They said good try Enzo, that was the longest he has been in a room with another dog before attacking. I left with the thought of thinking that it is impossible to get through to a dog who is mentally scarred forever. ­­­